About Us

We, the company einStein Consulting GmbH with headquarters in Obermaiselstein in Allgäu and Eppan in South Tyrol, launched the Grenz/gang brand in 2014.

Who are we?

We are a team of designers, tailors, product developers and textile engineers. In the textile sector, we offer conception, development and marketing - always with the aim of finding new solutions to bring innovative products to life.
With the know-how at our disposal, we are creating a clothing collection with Grenz/gang that, in addition to the highest quality standards, also raises awareness of regionally manufactured products.

The DNA of Grenz/gang

Business partner

We have high standards when selecting our business partners. Our retailers must meet our demanding expectations. Passion, experience, understanding of values ​​and know-how: to name just a few characteristics. Maintaining brick-and-mortar retail is important to us and that is why we maintain a friendly and helpful relationship with our fashion retailers.