Collection: Spring/Summer 2024

Born from Alpine tradition - reduced to a timeless design, we remain rooted in the Alpine region.
Honesty and consistency are our trademarks - without losing our charm. We are not trend-driven, but trend-oriented - always in the interplay of tradition and zeitgeist. The value of every single Grenz/gang garment lies in the love for the product and the dedication to detail.
Because only through quality can you restore dignity to the product and the pursuit of this drives us - so we value the care, time and perseverance that make such a product possible in the first place.
Appreciation can only take place by making the value creation visible. For us, creating value in a material and emotional sense means thinking and acting regionally, sustainably and transparently. Creating value with consideration for our environment also means sometimes adapting in the creative process and bowing to nature. The result is always an expression of our attitude.